Save Time and Money

  • A complete verbal presentation on only qualified applicants is given before an interview is set. (This eliminates seeing unqualified Applicants; thus wasting your time).

  • We will administer any test your company requires upon request.

  • Only qualified applicants per your specific requirements are presented (i.e.), skills, experience, duties performed, personality desired, etc.

  • We will advertise your positions for you at no charge to you or your company.  This will keep your phone lines clear and your employees on the job - not on the phone with an ad response - saving you time and money.

  • Our recruiting department will recruit highly specialized talent for you in addition to our advertising effort.

  • Upon request, we thoroughly screen and reference check for you.

  • As a third party, we can improve communication between your company and a potential employee both before and after hire.

  • Matching the right applicant to the right position is our job - full time - and we have over 5,000 applicants on file to do just that.

  • When you do not wish to interview or test in your own office our private interview areas are especially convenient.

  • Guaranteed Placement.  If the applicant does not measure up in the first 30 days of employment, we will replace the employee at no additional charge.  A 75% refund of the fee will be made if we can't replace within 30 days.

  • Reducing the turnover rate and keeping employee's on the job longer by resolving any problems between new employee and employer and negotiating any difficulties that may arise.

  • All fees paid to us by an employer are 100% tax deductible.

People Are Our Business

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